That is modern learning, that is humane learning, that is religious learning. Thus to learn enriches us and helps us. We have the talent for learning, so that we become able to read, to write and to calculate, for our occupations, for shaping our life, our world. With our talent for learning there are great and many chances for us. We have the greatest and most beautiful chances by humane learning, by religious learning. How can that be done? We learn thereby orientation on the great reality. For what is that: For our humane meditation, for our humane life. Many do not know that, many people mean, they not need that.
Why is there so much poverty in the people of the world? The most common poverty is the mental poverty. And mental poverty is probably the cause of a lot other poverty. The hunt for wealth by more and more appropriation of the goods of this world up to the redundant luxury determines a lot in the history of the world and in some biography. In such a way also rich ones, powerful ones and famous ones became poor or remained poor. The mental poverty is common also in the luxury and the power of the palaces. Instead of the mental wealth by orientation on the great reality it happens in the mental poverty that one fob us off with the overestimation of the famous ones, of the powerful ones and of the rich ones. Those are the fairy tale figures of the luck like the princes and princesses in the fairy tales for the children.
The luck of the mental wealth can give it by learning for all. This learning is possible for all. And what costs that? Less than many organized against each other, less than the many organized confusions, less than the many organized stultifications, less than the wasteful overestimation in desire for admiration. Learn – to read, to write, to calculate - HUMANE EDUCATION that are general human rights, that are many of the luck for all humans. To our luck the mental wealth of the humane life belongs. Learning is also the way to the well-being, to the prosperity and for the mental wealth of the fulfilled humane life. In the orientation on the great reality by HUMANE EDUCATION modern knowledge becomes the mental wealth, which frees us for the humane life in us, for the humane life with one another, for the philanthropic life with the heaven.

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